Review/Giveaway: Gettysburg Flag Works {ends July 4} $40 ARV

Summer is full of reasons to fly a flag! From Flag Day on June 14th every year to Independence Day on July 4th and all those fun summer days between and after. . . flags are an easy and inexpensive way to liven up the front porch or celebrate a holiday or passion.


And you’re in luck because Gettysburg Flag Works has you covered – with flags for all seasons and reasons. From their classic durable American flag, to flags for military branches, different careers, services, events, and seasons, Gettysburg Flag Works’ selection cannot be beat. Gettysburg Flag Works reached out to me to offer one of their flags to our family to say “thank you” for our service as a military family — I was so excited about the chance that we made it a review and giveaway. I chose to receive their colorful and durable “Summer” flag from Gettysburg Flag Works and I have to say, I am very impressed. It’s quality, durability, and price were all top notch, and I love our new flag. Just the thing to brighten up our sometimes dreary and never consistent summer days on “The Rock” in Kodiak.

summer flag


The quality of the Summer flag that I received from Gettysburg Flag Works is great: to give you an idea of how strong the construction is, it is ideal for our windy and sometimes quite foul weather conditions. There have been a few nights that an unpredicted windstorm (with rain) will whiz through our street, and in the morning, the flag is just fine, right where we left it, with not a rip, tear, or any adverse aesthetics.  The design is crisp, clear, and colorful. These synthetic woven flags do not have the image painted on to where it will  peel off or fade – we have been using our flag to liven up our front porch area for upwards of three weeks, and it is just as beautiful as when it arrived!


Like I mentioned above, the Summer Flag from Gettysburg Flag Works has really stood the test of a Kodiak summer: and that is no joke. Some days, the sun is bright, and the next, its raining and blowing wind.  Our flag never gets a break, and it’s still just as beautiful as the day we took it out of the package.  I enjoy that this is a decoration that is durable and I know that I can use next year, or every day out of the year if I wanted.  It is not going to fade quickly or break any time soon. The stitching and construction are very high quality.


The flag that we reviewed is $40 USD, plus shipping.  I feel that the price matches the product, and most of the flags on the site are $40 or less, which makes Gettysburg Flag Works a very affordable place to purchase flags, garden flags, banners, and other decorations.  If you need something to liven up your porch or to help you celebrate a season or occasion, visit Gettysburg Flag Works – and I promise, you’ll find something to love!

Gettysburg Flag Works is supplying one free shipment of merchandise up to $40 USD to one of our readers.  Complete the mandatory entry below to enter, and do as many of the additional entries as you like (some can be done more than once). Winner will be drawn by the Rafflecopter system on 4 July and emailed regarding their prize!  Good luck, and thank you for being a reader of Me, Mothering, and Making it All Work!


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Wordless Wednesday – Hiking and Painting





Wordless Wednesday

Abbey has been picking me a bouquet of wildflowers from our upstairs neighbors’ garden plot every time we go outside – “before the flowers wilt and drop their seeds for winter!”


Mamatography October 2013

I cannot believe that October is coming to an end. What happened to Fall? It sped right by me!



I think my little man has an idea where it went. . .


Nope, mama. It’s not up there. . .



It’s not in the water, but we’re getting close. . .



Oh THERE’s the culprit that made fall fly by so fast! Our new home!



Kodiak, Alaska!

I mean, really.  I feel like yesterday we were on the ferry and now we’re finally settled into our new home and making the adjustments needed to get acclimated to living 1) in Alaska and 2) on a semi-isolated island (and by semi-isolated, I mean it’s relatively easy to hop a plane to Anchorage if you have the time and money to do so).



Meanwhile, while we haven’t had the opportunity to jet set off to the Mainland yet. . . We’ve been hiking and exploring with new friends,



Growing bigger and bigger each day. . .



And loving each other wholeheartedly



Oh and we can’t forget to mention the wild blueberries we picked this fall. YUMMY!



It looks like Kodiak is a pretty cool place.


We’re just going to keep rolling with the punches and continue growing with each new opportunity.

That was our month. How has yours been?!

Mamatography August 2013

Yep, it’s that time again: When Amy gets so busy that her Mamatography posts go from weekly to monthly.

That happen to any of you other mamas out there? I hope it’s not just me!

Since we finished our BIG PCS from Maine to Kodiak Island Alaska, I have been busy busy busy setting up our home, caring for our kids, meeting new friends, getting used to the island, training a new dog, starting my new semester of Public Health classes, and mapping out my classes left until graduation and cheering with joy that I’ll have a BS in Public Health in 2015! Yippee!

I have also been seeking out and enrolling Abbey in a preschool, enrolling myself in an online lactation conference (to continue my lactation-specific education for the IBCLC requirements), figuring out what toddler experiences there are available for Joe here on the island. . . and consequently remembering that Joe will be 3 this coming Spring. O – M – G. How is that happening.

What else. . .

I’ve also been planning Abbey’s birthday party, trying to wring out of the Silly Bears what they would like to be for Halloween (so that I can order in the required materials and get to planning and sewing) . . . oh, and I’m trying to set up a La Leche League meeting for the area AND re-establish my Silly Bear Handmade shop after the move.

And Hubs has been gone to school in VA for 3 weeks.

*Deep Breath*

But I have been taking pictures!


I have now finished this knitting project – - – a cotton hoodie from Toddler Hoodie pattern on Etsy for a special family member who turns one in a few weeks!


And this lovely project is now hanging in my kitchen window – - – used up some scraps on this one (that seems to be a theme with my sewing lately. . . you’ll see later)


Aha! More scrap busting going on in this photo – - – see if you can spot what this eventually became in one of the other August photos as you scroll down!


Abbey, who is turning 5 in September, has celebrated quite a few milestones recently: She weaned from the breast at the end of her full-term breastfeeding experience, she moved all the way across the country with us, and she started swimming lessons! I love this girl. So Much.


Joseph wasn’t such a fan of Abbey getting to swim and him not being able to (gotta be four to take swim classes, buddy! His response: “I AM four!” LOL).

But his new love interest, one of my new Coastie Wife friends, pepped him up with a surprise visit during Abbey’s swim class one day. He was very pleased.


Our handsome man modeling the fleece-crotched training pants I made him. Like Abbey, he is now having less interest in using the potty, but I’m hoping with gentle reminders, we’ll be out of diapers and potty learned around 3, like she was.

They’re super cute though – the trainers. I’m loving them. His little knees and cinnamon roll belly button are to die for too, though.


We’ve been doing lots of baking on rainy days. . . It’s easier to bake in our new kitchen. It’s about the same size as our kitchen in Maine, but not galley-shaped, and not a walk through area (unless you’re coming in the back door) . . . I like the space and Abbey likes being in it with me!


Blueberry Biscuits. Yummy.


Super easy (and sooooo delicious french bread)


And on a sunny day, we have lots of park time and coloring with sidewalk chalk!


Oh, and hiking.



And salmonberry picking.


Thankfully for my husband’s psyche, Abbey hasn’t dressed up Joseph as a girl in quite a few weeks. Glad I snapped this jewel when I did then!



We love dress up, but we love coloring more.


And we love our new puppy, Mya.


Raven stayed behind at Nana and Papas house because we weren’t positive that we wouldn’t harm her physically or emotionally by driving her (or shipping her) all the way to Kodiak. She is enjoying being spoiled rotten by her “grand-people” and though we miss her, we know she is happy and healthy and that is all that matters!

Abbey constantly tells Mya stories about “our other dog Raven”



I couldn’t help but post this picture of Joseph in a classic toddler moment. The “I refused to take a nap, so then we went on a hike to pass the time, and I fell asleep on the sofa when we got back.” One of many classic toddler moments. IMG_3671

Another knitting project. I can’t ever just do one thing at a time – - – can I?


Mya again.


Abbey being a puppy with Mya under my desk in my sewing room/office. Love my work buddies.

Have you seen the completed project yet? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, scroll back up the top. . .


My human work buddy brought me her rainbow bear to sit in my sofa pin cushion. So sweet.



Ah, there she is! My work buddy and my little mermaid!


Joe lined up all the ducks he could steal from the lifeguard’s basket and set them all up looking out the window.

I wonder what he was wishing about while Abbey was having her lesson? LOL



Oh yeah. . . park time!!!!!!!!!


And my post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of wild-caught fresh alaskan salmon. One of the perks of being up here on this isolated Alaskan island! Yum!


That was our August. How was YOURS?

mtbadge2This post is part of the Mamatography 2013 Project with Diary of a First Child and Momma Jorje.

We are taking (at least) a photo a day to keep a record of our year. Join us at any point during the year and start sharing your own daily photos!

Wordless Wednesday – Gone Fishin’




Our PCS to Alaska Week 3

Week three of our PCS journey to Kodiak Alaska started with enjoying our nation’s beautiful Yellowstone National Park, included a trip to the ER, and ended playing on the very same park that Hubs played at when he was a kid! It was an exciting, challenging, and kind of crazy week, and we’re both glad it’s over and enjoying the memories!

To catch up with our journey, check out week 2 and week 1.



Yellowstone was full of great natural encounters. I loved seeing the soft velvet on this elk’s beautiful antlers.



The Mamouth Hot Springs were incredible. What a wonder to behold!



And we enjoyed other natural miracles together like the Norris Geyser Basin




With it’s amazing thermophiles (living organisms that color the stone under the water, depending on how hot certain parts of the streams are)




Abbey did some “navigating” from the back seat, till she lost her map out the window (cue screaming tantrum)



But we still found our way to Old Faithful, where after waiting for an hour and a half, it finally erupted!

When we left Yellowstone, we traveled to Seattle, Washington and enjoyed time with Shannon of Pineapples and Artichokes and her family. Abbey and Joe again were thrilled to have playmates, like we did back in South Dakota with Kym and her family. Abbey and Moira were inseparable and adorable.


And Joe and Davis were pretty adorable, too!


We also got to meet Lauren of Hobo Mama, Gretchen of That Mama Gretchen, and Jennifer of True Confessions of a Real Mommy and their families. Super cool! They are all so sweet and genuine, and so much fun to chat and play with.


It was after we left Seattle for Bellingham to catch our ferry to Alaska that things got interesting. Not even three full minutes on the ferry after two and a half hours of waiting in our car. . . and Joseph fell and broke the back of his head open.


We took him to the ER after the medics from the ambulance said he didn’t need to be transported, but that he did need stitches within 12 hours. That not being possible on a three day ferry trip, we had to return to Seattle and fly to Juneau, AK to meet the ferry when it came into port before sailing to Haines, AK.

Joe is recovering fine from his injury (obviously, according to the photos above and below!) and we made it to Juneau, and then to Haines, through Canada (stressful, to say the least!) and into the Anchorage area after one day of flying, two days of waiting, one day of a ferry, and two days of camping and driving. Since Hubs grew up in Anchorage, it was special to play, eat, and camp in areas that he did when he was a child.

IMG_2324Abbey and Joe enjoying lunch on a bench at the Anchorage Zoo.

IMG_3021And Abbey being a monkey just like daddy did when he was a kid, I’m sure. On the same park!

PCS to Alaska Week 2.5

Last Friday marked the end of the second week of our PCS Journey from maine to Alaska. If you’re just joining us, my husband is active duty Coast Guard and after three years on the Maine/New Hampshire Seacoast, he has a new assignment at the Aids to Navigation Team at Kodiak Island, AK.

Click here to see the highlights from Week 1. You can also follow our trip on my Instagram , Twitter, and Facebook, or by searching the hashtags #movingtoalaska and #militaryfamily.

Week 2

Week two was mostly spent in or traveling from Wisconsin where we stayed with my husband’s parents. At the end of Week 2, we got to meet the lovely Kym and Phillip and their two boys at their home in South Dakota. Kym writes at Our Crazy Corner of the World, and is a lovely, compassionate advocate for natural parenting, specifically baby friendly birth and breastfeeding.

Kym is incredibly sweet and we got along just like we thought we would: excellently, like we’d known each other forever. It was so kind of Kym to invite us to stay with her on our journey, and staying at her house was so comfortable and fun. The kids had playmates, Jed and I had a relaxing time, and we enjoyed being tourists at Mt. Rushmore, too.




We also had a chance to go sluicing in a sluice pan at the Rushmore Cave, and separated some stones from the dirt. Abbey had a great time sorting them and sharing them with Kym’s son, Andrew.


Andrew and Abbey loved each other so much, they decided they were brother and sister. So cute.


After our adventures and relaxation in South Dakota, we enjoyed camping near Yellowstone National Park in Montana. We camped for two nights, and on our first day, we hiked up to Pine Creek Falls, a beautiful 1 mile hike to a fantastic waterfall in the woods.

IMG_6184 IMG_6213  IMG_6221 IMG_6236

On our second day near Yellowstone, we visited the National Park, seeing the Mamouth Hot Springs, Norris Geysers, and even the famous Old Faithful Geyser (though we had to wait over an hour for it to go off! Maybe faithful, but not timely! haha!).

IMG_6261 IMG_6412

For more fun from our trip to Yellowstone (including some great close encounters with wildlife!), check out our PCS to Alaska Week 3.


Wordless Wednesday

Abbey and her new friend. LOVE.

and courtesy of Shannon at Pineapples and Artichokes:

Joe and his new little “buddy”

Mamatography Week 17


Just eating my snack in mommy and daddy’s bed. You caught me.



Taking pictures of my baby carriers that I’m no longer using. For sale. . . *sniff*


. . . I remember lovingly and carefully crafting this carrier while I was still pregnant with Joe.


Impromptu Family Photo at the park!


. . . and the Silly Pic


The Silly Bears, ready to help, heading to the Home Depot to exchange some drawer pulls. Joe is really into flashlights lately.


Joe’s finished “trash to treasure” sports themed dresser! I painted the dresser and hand painted the new knobs to be sports balls. I say “It’s not perfect” but Joe says “I like it mommy!”