About My Shop

Through Silly Bear Handmade, my online Etsy shop, I create and sell handmade, eco-friendly goods for the family. In my stock, you will find cloth diapers and wipes, re-usable (and custom order) snack bags, cloth (un)paper towels, napkins, and beautiful wet-bags to store them in – between use and re-use.

If you are looking for information on SBH Tailoring on Coast Guard Base Kodiak, please visit my SBH Tailoring Webform.

Custom orders are available as listed, and upon request. You can contact me via the Silly Bear Handmade Etsy shop, or by Email at willa.amy@gmail.com to discuss custom orders.

Silly Bear Handmade Items

Cloth Diapers:

One-Size PUL stay dry pocket diapers $18- 22 USD

These diapers are wonderful for every day use. Your standard sized, easy to use pocket diaper, my Silly Bear Handmade pocket diapers feature a snap down rise, double layer of PUL, and an inner layer of stay dry fabric 1 They come with one four-layer Zorb and heavy Bamboo Fleece insert.

I sew two convenient and sturdy modified welt pocket openings on the inner fabric. This pocket opening has many advantages:

  • Silly Bear Handmade Pocket Diapers are easy to stuff, even for daddies with larger hands
  • Modified welt pocket openings make sure that your insert stays put inside the pocket opening
  • Modified Welt Pocket Openings allow the diaper inserts to agitate out in the wash. No more pulling icky diaper inserts out of a dirty diaper through a leading edge pocket! Just throw my pocket diapers in your diaper wash and let the washing machine do the work for you!
My one size PUL stay dry pocket diapers come in three different variations:
  • Full PUL (solid colors or prints) $18
  • Wing to wing cotton print (over PUL) $18
  • Embroidered PUL and Custom Diapers $22

One-Size Fleece stay dry Pocket Diapers $18 USD

These diapers are also wonderful for every day use. Your standard sized, easy to use pocket diaper, my Silly Bear Handmade Fleece pocket diapers feature a snap down rise, a double layer of polyester fleece, and an inner layer of stay dry fabric 1. They also come with one four-layer Zorb and heavy Bamboo Fleece insert.

The polyester fleece is a wonderful alternative to PUL as a waterproofing layer. It wicks moisture out through the fleece fabric itself as a water vapor 3. Therefore, with regular diaper use and changing, when the soaker in the diaper is full, you will not get wicking at the legs.

Fleece is soft and squishy, and also very quick-drying. Silly Bear Handmade Fleece Pocket Diapers dry extremely fast – great for air drying and line drying!

The advantages of the double modified welt pocket opening are the same as with the Silly Bear Handmade PUL Pocket Diapers.

Fleece Diapers are also GREAT for night time diapering, because Fleece prevents wicking at the legs. Use a night time absorbency insert or a combination of your favorite inserts, and diaper your precious one through the night without worry!

If you haven’t tried fleece yet, you definitely should! Enjoy a special one-time use coupon code for “First Time Fleece” customers – enter 1STFLEECE for 20% off one fleece pocket diaper at the Etsy Shop!

Adjustable Rise Hybrid Fitted Diapers $18 USD

Hybrid Fitted Diapers are fitted All-In-Two diapers with a hidden layer of polyester fleece. The polyester fleece provides a water resistant layer, making the Hybrid Fitted a natural fiber inner diaper that can be worn without a cover! These diapers are fabulous for families that prefer a natural inner, but like the flexibility and water resistance that the fleece layer offers. Advantages of a Hybrid Fitted Include:

  • Flexibility and adaptability of the diaper – can be used without a cover or with one, and is water resistant without a cover.
  • Trim, stretchy fit – great for tiny babies to exploring toddlers.
  • Natural Inner Fabric.
  • Easy snap-in soaker made of  highly absorbent Zorb fabric sandwiched between Heavy Bamboo Fleece and Cotton Velour.

The Hybrid Fitted Diapers come in two sizes, both of which are size adjustable within the size.

Size 1 is appropriate for preterm or smaller newborns through babies weighing approximately 20 pounds.

Size 2 is appropriate for larger newborns weighing  9-10 pounds through toddler/preschool age (up to 35 pounds).

Each Silly Bear Handmade Hybrid Fitted Diaper has a three step rise adjustment.

Cloth Diapering Accessories:

Silly Bear Handmade Cloth Wipes

These luxurious 2-ply cloth wipes are turned and topstitched for softness all the way around the wipe. They are soft cotton flannel on one side and organic bamboo terrycloth on the other.

Purchase a set of 5 wipes for $12 or stock up and save by buying 4 sets (that 20 wipes in all) for $40. That’s a savings of $8.00!

Wetbags for home or travel

Mini wetbags by Silly Bear Handmade are 8″ x 6″ and are big enough to hold one diaper and some wipes. – $9 USD

Small wetbags by Silly Bear Handmade are 8″ x 11″ and large enough to hold 2-3 diapers and some wipes – $10 USD

Medium wetbags by Silly Bear Handmade are 10″ by 10″ and large enough to hold 3-7 diapers and wipes – $12 USD

Large wetbags by Silly Bear Handmade are 11″ by 14″ and large enough to hold 5-10 diapers and wipes. – $16 USD

Add an outer pocket for holding dry wipes or other small diapering accessories for just $2 more.

For the Home:

Un-Paper Towels

Imagine never having to buy paper towels again. Yeah. that’d be pretty sweet, huh? Read on.

Silly Bear Handmade Un-Paper Towels are a must-have for your kitchen or bathroom! Sold in a roll of 7, connected by quality, professionally pressed resin snaps, the un-paper towels are two layers of absorbent birdseye cotton and one layer of printed cotton. The printed cotton side is fantastic for shining sinks, mirrors, and polishing. The absorbent side, wonderful for all kinds of spills, cleaning, and just about anything else you’d normally do with a disposable towel.

Soft enough to wipe faces, and hands, tough enough for grimy messes, you will LOVE your Silly Bear Handmade Un-Paper towels, and especially love the savings – $$$ back in your pocketbook is always a good thing!

One set of 7 Un-Paper Towels – $20

Two Sets – $18 each (Get 14 Un-paper towels for your bathroom or kitchen for $36)

Three or more sets – $15 each (3 sets of 7 for $45, perfect for a whole household)

Cloth Napkins

My Silly Bear Handmade cloth napkins are carefully turned and topstitched, 2-ply cotton, 9″ x 9″ in size made with high quality quilter’s cotton for a soft feel and beautiful color and print selection! Buy a few sets for your household, and cross paper napkins off your weekly grocery list (think of the savings!)

These medium sized napkins are a perfect size for family use – however, if you desire larger napkins for more formal dining needs, custom orders are available.

Set of 8 9″ x 9″ cloth napkins – $18





  1. I use wicking jersey, polyester micro fleece, polyester velour, and other stay-dry fabrics on request for custom diapers
  2. I use wicking jersey, polyester micro fleece, polyester velour, and other stay-dry fabrics on request for custom diapers
  3. much like lanolized wool does