About Amy

If love is a labor, I’ll slave till the end.

I’m glad you’re here on my blog, and I hope you’ll stay a while to read about my experiences navigating a military family life while mothering, creating, and pursuing my creative and professional goals. On Amywilla.com, you’ll find thoughts and tips on parenting, health, self-awareness, and maintaining balance in personal and family life. You’ll also find sewing, knitting, and crafting projects and tutorials in my section “Creating for the Family”. I also write about family advocacy and breastfeeding advocacy and support.

Why I Blog:

Balancing things is what I strive for – I think that’s what we all strive for, isn’t it? Through my blogging, and my friendships and connections, I’m starting to learn what makes me tick and how to be my best, most balanced self. I’ve found that self-awareness, courage, and faith in daily living are vital to a balanced life, and I love having this blog as a way to connect with you and share together the power and joy of life’s lessons and journeys.

I blog to connect with YOU. . .

. . . and start a discussion that hopefully brings us all closer to making it all work in our own lives!

A little About Me:

While raising my two Silly Bears at our current Coast Guard assignment in Southern Maine, I work from home, sewing cloth diapers, wet-bags, accessories, and eco-friendly home goods for sale at my Etsy shop, Silly Bear Handmade.

I am a trained WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor turned full-time student studying Public Health and working toward taking the IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant) certification test in 2014.

I enjoy writing on my blog, and as an author for Natural Parents Network, and I’m also learning to love manual photography, and I spend lots of my time sewing and knitting.

When I get a chance, I love to exercise and take dance and yoga classes. I’m also currently serving our fellow Coast Guard families as the Command Ombudsman for my Hubs’ current assignment. I enjoy helping others and love learning new things.

If you’d like to interact someplace other than the blog, please visit my Facebook Page, and connect with me on Twitter, and on Pinterest.

You can read more about Silly Bear Handmade (including a description of products handmade by me, care instructions, and custom order information) on the About My Shop Page.

Copyright Information

I would hope that everyone would understand that this is MY work and that I put lots of time and effort into my blog posts. However, a Copyright Information section has become a neccessity in today’s day and age, wherein it is just not plausible to assume those reading your page are ethical souls. So, here goes:

Everything written and/or posted on www.amywilla.com is (c) Amy Willa, www.amywilla.com (All Rights Reserved). I am happy that you are here and reading, and if you would like to pin a post onto Pinterest, or use short quotations from blog posts in your own while referencing my work, I would be flattered. All I ask is that you link back to the post on www.amywilla.com where you found the content, and do not plagiarize from my site. Any plagiarism will be reported and the offender will be held legally responsible for the theft of my work. Thanks!

With joy you will draw water from the springs of salvation. – Isaiah 2:3