Making Pizza Together

The other day for lunch, the Silly Bears really wanted to make pizza.

Lucky for them, mommy has all the ingredients on hand to make dough, and though we didn’t have mozzarella cheese, I figured cheddar would do.

We used the Quick No-Rise Pizza Crust from Kitchen Trials to make our dough. I don’t mind allowing dough to rise (obviously, judging by the amount of bread I make!) but the kiddos wanting pizza that very second drove me to google “no rise pizza dough” and this recipe was great!


Abbey is getting really good at kneading dough.


Joe is studying her form.


Peeeeeeeeze can I do it, Abbey? Peeeeeeeze!?


“Joe. You can open the cheese. You’re really good at that!”


Mya helped us clean up the extra cheese pieces. . .

about 12 minutes in the oven . . . And then, VIOLA! Pizza!


I couldn’t get a picture before the kiddos begged be to cut it up and serve it.


Abbey even helped clean up. Go, Abbey!

What do you like making with your children?


  1. James is a baker, so we bake up muffins frequently. Making scrambled eggs and squeezing lemons for fresh lemonade are also his favorites. Big sister helps in the kitchen in any way she can! Cooking with kids is so much fun! Abbey and Joe are precious!!

    • mmmmm muffins are fun! Abbey’s favorite is making bread (mine, too!) and Joe likes to make cookies and cakes. There’s something about punching and kneading the dough that Abbey just really enjoys. And I’m glad! Thanks for reading and commenting. Miss you guys!

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