Our PCS to Alaska Week 3

Week three of our PCS journey to Kodiak Alaska started with enjoying our nation’s beautiful Yellowstone National Park, included a trip to the ER, and ended playing on the very same park that Hubs played at when he was a kid! It was an exciting, challenging, and kind of crazy week, and we’re both glad it’s over and enjoying the memories!

To catch up with our journey, check out week 2 and week 1.



Yellowstone was full of great natural encounters. I loved seeing the soft velvet on this elk’s beautiful antlers.



The Mamouth Hot Springs were incredible. What a wonder to behold!



And we enjoyed other natural miracles together like the Norris Geyser Basin




With it’s amazing thermophiles (living organisms that color the stone under the water, depending on how hot certain parts of the streams are)




Abbey did some “navigating” from the back seat, till she lost her map out the window (cue screaming tantrum)



But we still found our way to Old Faithful, where after waiting for an hour and a half, it finally erupted!

When we left Yellowstone, we traveled to Seattle, Washington and enjoyed time with Shannon of Pineapples and Artichokes and her family. Abbey and Joe again were thrilled to have playmates, like we did back in South Dakota with Kym and her family. Abbey and Moira were inseparable and adorable.


And Joe and Davis were pretty adorable, too!


We also got to meet Lauren of Hobo Mama, Gretchen of That Mama Gretchen, and Jennifer of True Confessions of a Real Mommy and their families. Super cool! They are all so sweet and genuine, and so much fun to chat and play with.


It was after we left Seattle for Bellingham to catch our ferry to Alaska that things got interesting. Not even three full minutes on the ferry after two and a half hours of waiting in our car. . . and Joseph fell and broke the back of his head open.


We took him to the ER after the medics from the ambulance said he didn’t need to be transported, but that he did need stitches within 12 hours. That not being possible on a three day ferry trip, we had to return to Seattle and fly to Juneau, AK to meet the ferry when it came into port before sailing to Haines, AK.

Joe is recovering fine from his injury (obviously, according to the photos above and below!) and we made it to Juneau, and then to Haines, through Canada (stressful, to say the least!) and into the Anchorage area after one day of flying, two days of waiting, one day of a ferry, and two days of camping and driving. Since Hubs grew up in Anchorage, it was special to play, eat, and camp in areas that he did when he was a child.

IMG_2324Abbey and Joe enjoying lunch on a bench at the Anchorage Zoo.

IMG_3021And Abbey being a monkey just like daddy did when he was a kid, I’m sure. On the same park!


  1. Davis is sitting on my lap pointing to all the pictures and saying “Joe!” We loved meeting you and your family. I hope you get settled in housing soon.

  2. Goodness gracious! What an adventure! Glad you got to see my corner of Alaska – sad it was a detour that resulted from your little guy’s injury!!

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