PCS to Alaska Week 2.5

Last Friday marked the end of the second week of our PCS Journey from maine to Alaska. If you’re just joining us, my husband is active duty Coast Guard and after three years on the Maine/New Hampshire Seacoast, he has a new assignment at the Aids to Navigation Team at Kodiak Island, AK.

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Week 2

Week two was mostly spent in or traveling from Wisconsin where we stayed with my husband’s parents. At the end of Week 2, we got to meet the lovely Kym and Phillip and their two boys at their home in South Dakota. Kym writes at Our Crazy Corner of the World, and is a lovely, compassionate advocate for natural parenting, specifically baby friendly birth and breastfeeding.

Kym is incredibly sweet and we got along just like we thought we would: excellently, like we’d known each other forever. It was so kind of Kym to invite us to stay with her on our journey, and staying at her house was so comfortable and fun. The kids had playmates, Jed and I had a relaxing time, and we enjoyed being tourists at Mt. Rushmore, too.




We also had a chance to go sluicing in a sluice pan at the Rushmore Cave, and separated some stones from the dirt. Abbey had a great time sorting them and sharing them with Kym’s son, Andrew.


Andrew and Abbey loved each other so much, they decided they were brother and sister. So cute.


After our adventures and relaxation in South Dakota, we enjoyed camping near Yellowstone National Park in Montana. We camped for two nights, and on our first day, we hiked up to Pine Creek Falls, a beautiful 1 mile hike to a fantastic waterfall in the woods.

IMG_6184 IMG_6213  IMG_6221 IMG_6236

On our second day near Yellowstone, we visited the National Park, seeing the Mamouth Hot Springs, Norris Geysers, and even the famous Old Faithful Geyser (though we had to wait over an hour for it to go off! Maybe faithful, but not timely! haha!).

IMG_6261 IMG_6412

For more fun from our trip to Yellowstone (including some great close encounters with wildlife!), check out our PCS to Alaska Week 3.



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