The even BIGGER move: Our next PCS

Many of you who are family, friends with me in real life, or volunteer with me at Natural Parents Network already know about this announcement. . . but in February, we found out that the Coast Guard is transferring us this summer to:


KODIAK, AK is going to be a major adventure! It’s an island, so we are going to be semi-isolated, and it’s disconnected from the lower 48 states, so we are considered to be transferring OCONUS (outside the continental United States). This has caused us a bit of headache in the past couple weeks, with forms that needed filling out and a frustrating bureaucracy to tangle with at the Navy clinic to get it done.

But, it’s done now. (Whew!) All the paperwork is done, and I’m very relieved. Our housing application is in as well, and even Abbey’s end-of-contract for her preschool has been submitted. We’re going through our things and taking inventory of what we use and don’t use, and what we need and don’t need anymore. It’s exciting, and it’s nerve-wracking. When I met with my husband’s command to resign as the Command Ombudsman in preparation for our move, they asked me how I felt about moving to Kodiak.

“It will be an adventure” I said. “I’m anxious and excited, and have a lot to do and think about.”

Lifestyle Changes for this PCS

We’ll definitely have to get ready for more of this:


and this:


but we will also enjoy more of this:

IMG_1749 IMG_1751

and this:


. . .because Daddy will no longer be attached to a boat, so there will be far less deployment and absence at our assignment to Kodiak. Yay!


We have already started going through and consolidating and donating and selling things that we are no longer using or won’t have the room pr the use for in Kodiak. We’ve gotten our ferry tickets for the Alaska Marine Highway, we’ve planned our trip across the US as well as we can, and hashed out a preliminary time table.

I’m getting ready to repaint our walls back to MilSpec White. . . I figure if I start doing it now in small pieces that it will be less stressful than trying to repaint all our walls between the time that the movers come to get our things and the day that we have our final walkthrough with Navy Housing. Especially with the kiddos to keep calm and steady. I don’t want to have to worry about painting AND cleaning AND parenting at the end.

I’m also replacing pieces of furniture that really needed replacing – like our two dining room chairs that go at the heads of the table. They were falling apart. And in the process, I’ve gotten the bug for reupholstering some of our thrift store pieces and the chairs I got (they’re all sturdy pieces, just need some love and a design upgrade). We’ll see how that goes. LOL!

I need to finish all of my diapers in process right now, and get them posted in a stocking for my Silly Bear Handmade Shop soon. . . so that I can take a break during our move through the summer. I also need to go through my fabric stash, because not all of it can come with me! I’m trying to sell my Cricut expression because I don’t use it anymore (if you’re local, make me an offer!) . . . and I’ve talked to Abbey about some of her things that she would be willing to give up so that we can buy her new things when we get to Kodiak (possibly smaller things, depending on the size of the rooms in our new house).

Exciting and Stressful

This move is exciting because Daddy will be going home to Alaska (he was raised in Anchorage) and we get to see a new place that I hear is beautiful! We also get the privilege of living in one of the nicest Coast Guard MWR areas in the branch of service, so that’s exciting! This is an even BIGGER move than our previous one from Texas to Maine was, though, and I just hope and pray that our transition is smoother than it was coming to New England.

Right now, I’m just counting down the days till the Hubs is back from his trip with the TAHOMA crew to fetch the boat back from dry dock (maintenance) and looking forward to having his help in getting all the final preparations in place for our EVEN BIGGER military move. . .

. . . after we get through a very busy month of April.

But more about that later.

We’re excited about our move to Kodiak, AK. But nervous, too. I have found that change is transformative and that in my experience as a military wife, it definitely helps build character – for better or for worse! I’m excited about this opportunity, and I just can’t wait to really get started with the move.

It’s the build up that kills me.



  1. Congratulations on your new adventure. I was nodding along with all of your preparations; we were doing similar things when we moved overseas three years ago. Definitely purge as much as you can before such a big move; totally worth it. And I feel your pain with all the paperwork and medical stuff. Best of luck to you (from a fellow military spouse).

  2. I am so excited for you! I want to move somewhere new! I’ve lived here my ENTIRE life… except for a short stint in Houston when was about 3yo.

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