Mamatography Week 11

This week has been rather crazy, with two illnesses (Abbey’s quite swift, and Joseph’s quite startling and sad), news that daddy is headed home from his boat with a broken foot (from playing street hockey with the guys from the boat), and me getting sick, too! In between all the craziness we had some fun play dates and dinners with our friends from the neighborhood, so all in all it was a good week.

I could have done without the sickness, though.

Oh, and I could have done without the snowstorm. I’m done with snow.


Abbey and Joe making faces and giggling incessantly while I worked on papers for my college classes.


Abbey making a funny face at our lunch date after Mass on Sunday. She and Joe love to make their own salads. Maybe her face is saying “Don’t steal my carrots!” LOL


Silly Joe and his friend Larry hiding with their juice cups


Our whole neighborhood gang of ruffigans showing off their table manners


Silly Kiddos dancing Dance Central on the X-Box at a friend’s house.


they were having so much fun!


I should have known we were destined for a sick-day when Joe was yawning like this at 8:10 AM.


Catching some comfort at mamas breast

(for the next 24 hours, he refused to nurse because it caused him too much pain to suck. Poor guy!)

He’s nursing again now


Toddler falls asleep at 9:00 AM. Theeeeeere’s your sign that he’s not feeling well.


Poor feverish boy


Abbey playing a Sophia the First game on my iPad while Joseph napped

(subsequent days of the illness, he did NOT nap. . . )


All wrapped up in three blankets after a warm comforting bath


Playing and starting to feel better.

That was our week! How was YOURS?!

mtbadge2This post is part of the Mamatography 2013 Project with Diary of a First Child and Momma Jorje.

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  1. I love her face, so expressive! Funny how kids can go ballistic if you steal food from their plate! I once asked Sasha for a water chestnut – she didn’t want it. Once it was GONE, she flipped out! Oh man, she cried for a good 20 minutes over it! I won’t make that mistake again! I just serve all the water chestnuts up to myself in the first place! lol j/k

    • So, regarding kids and their food, Joe had a snack of goldfish when we went to the Y for me to work out on Monday morning. When we got back in the car after my workout, I was ravenous. I asked if I could eat a few goldfish from his snack. “Uh huh, mommy have some” was his response, so I grabbed a couple, said thank you, and headed to the driver’s seat after buckling him in.

      Not even ten seconds after I put them in my mouth, I hear shrieking and sobbing from the back seat. “Mommy ate my snack!!!!!!!” he cried. And he blubbered about it all the way home. LOL Kids huh?

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