The Extended Breastfeeding Project: Call for participants!

Jamie at I am not the Babysitter is looking for adults who were breastfed as children (over 1 year of age, etc) to write about their experiences for the Extended Breastfeeding Project – designed to showcase the normalcy of nursing into toddlerhood and childhood and to demystify the results of extended breastfeeding.

If you would like to participate, you can read more about the project by following the link above and submit your information to the wonderful advocates who are putting this project together.

I as breastfed slightly into toddlerhood, about 14 months, and I’ll be writing about my experience, growing up just knowing that breastfeeding was the way moms fed their babies. . . if you were breastfed as a child, please consider contributing your voice!


  1. Amy, I am a mother by birth to 4 & 2 by marriage & a grandmother of 7.
    I nursed 3 of my 4, 3yrs, 1yr & 18 mo.
    I would b more than happy to answer questions for anyone.

    • Tammy, definitely check out the link to Jamie’s Call for Submissions. She is looking for adults who were breastfed as children, specifically. Thanks for reading and commenting, and for nursing your babies! <3

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