Normalize Breastfeeding with Your Signature!

Nursing Joe on photo shoot 19 Months (Nov. 2012)Here is a frequent comment that I get when the conversation turns to breastfeeding and my experience with advocacy for nursing freedom (and the right of every mother and baby to nurse in public at will):

“Why is it such a big deal for mothers to do what mothers have done for their children for hundreds of thousands of years?”

I do an inner happy-dance when I hear that kind of response, because it indicates that the person speaking respects breastfeeding as a normal occurrence. YESSSSSSS! *happy dance*

I always respond with “I’m so glad that you see nursing as normal! Unfortunately, many others in our society misunderstand the normalcy of nursing and think that it is in some way inappropriate. Would you like to hear of some ways that you can help to re-educate people to understand that nursing is normal?”

So, what about YOU? Are you interested in some ways to educate to the normalcy of nursing and it’s importance for our culture’s public health? Here are a couple things you can do RIGHT NOW:


  • Please take a few moments and sign the petition to develop and line of postage stamps that normalize breastfeeding!
  • And while you’re at it, take just one more minute of your time and join with the United States Breastfeed Committee in welcoming a new session of Congress and reminding Congress that “breastfeeding saves dollars and makes sense!”

Thanks for your support! Normalizing nursing is so important to our culture’s public health and to our little ones and families. I hate hearing of even one mother looked down upon, given false information, or harassed because of their gift of nursing their baby. Let’s make a world where we don’t have to hear those stories anymore!!!!!

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