Mamatography 2013 Week 1!

Last year, I participated in Mamatography 2012 with Luschka of Diary of a First Child and many other dedicated and talented mama-photographers!

This year, I’m at it again!

The first few weeks of 2013 will definitely be iPhone shots and Instagram photos, as we are in Houston visiting my mom and dad for the holidays, but I promise I’ll be back to my experimental manual photography soon enough (you know, when the Maine weather cooperates, or I can finally figure out how to configure my camera perfectly for indoor shots on manual!)

If you are a blogger and interested in participating in Mamatography 2013, check out Luschka and Mama Jorje’s blogs, Diary of a First Child and Mama

Jorje for more details and to join the list of participants.

. . . and on to the photos of our first week of 2013!

We have been having a lovely time at my mom and dad’s. Abbey loves to cuddle with grandma. . .

abbey and grandma


And the Silly Bears are so proud of the Christmas tree that they helped pick out AND decorate!

Ferry Ride

We enjoyed riding the Galveston Ferry this past Sunday & look forward to a Houston ZOO Trip!


joseph and boat Joseph is missing daddy pretty badly, but we have been appeasing him by explaining that daddy’s on the boat working and then quickly making a game out of the subject.

Pretending to call daddy on the phone is his favorite distraction game, but blowing kisses and playing with “daddy’s boat” in the bath tub are good ones, too.


Joseph is growing so quickly – learning new words and mannerisms every day!


I also got my engagement ring fixed this week. . . seriously, how does PLATINUM break?

joe and phone

And we’ll conclude with an adorable pic of Joe “calling daddy” on grandpa’s old flip phone.

That was our first week of 2013. How was YOURS?


  1. I love Instagram photos. I wish I could do them too! Love your ring too! So pretty! (Oh, and welcome back!)

    • Glad to be back!!!! Instagram is pretty awesome, huh? So simple and quick for us busy mamas! Thanks for your compliment on my ring. While it was being repaired , I missed it so much! :) lol

  2. There’s something about your photos that just grabs me, Amy. I love your style in documenting life with those silly bears of yours. Happy New Year to all of you!

    • Aw, Melissa – THANK YOU for your sweet compliment! It really warmed my heart when I read it! I try to photograph them in their most interesting moments – I want to have memories forever of their beauty and amazing wonder about the world!

  3. I love that shot with the tree! They DO look proud! Glad to have you back on board this year for Mamatography!

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