Home Again, Home Again. . .

We arrived back home in Maine this Tuesday after 3 1/2 weeks in Texas with my parents for the holidays. Our trip was great, but it’s also been wonderful to get back home again. Abbey’s in agreement.

When we got into the house on Tuesday evening, Abbey went straight up to her room, dressed up in her princess dress up clothes, and walked back downstairs, exclaiming with a dramatic yawn:

“It’s SO GOOD to he HOME!”

Trip Highlights:

500square abbey and joe with gma wm500 square joe with gpa wm500square abbey & gma cuddle wm

We adored staying with Grandma and Grandpa for the Holidays!

We really livened up my mom and dad’s house, for sure! My mom had a few days of adjustment, since she’s not used to waking up QUITE as early as our little Silly Bears, and I was SICK for the first three days there (an illness that I then gave to Joseph and my mom and dad)

But then things got really exciting near Christmas. Decorating, baking a cake for my mom’s birthday, granting my Sister-in-Law’s wish for overnight buns and sticky buns on Christmas Day, and wrapping presents! Mom and dad both had a blast playing with Abbey and Joseph – Abbey drafted one or both of her grandparents into pretend play at least once or twice a day – adorably naming the female companion of Rudolph (who’s name is really “Clarice”) “Tareena” and role-playing a million different situations and made up stories about Rudolph and Tareena.

We also enjoyed watching movies (there are so many Classic – and Disney – movies on TV during the Holidays!) Abbey experienced The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Tangled while we were there – all from the comfort of grandma’s lap. And every weeknight, we joined my mom and dad in their ritual of watching Wheel of Fortune.

We also visited the Zoo, rode the Galveston Ferry, made many trips to the park, and got involved with normalizing nursing through my “right place at the right time” commitment to help organize and publicize the Hollister Nurse In at the Houston Galleria and Nationwide.

It was both an exciting and relaxing trip.

The Dreaded Traveling:

Traveling solo with two small children in tow was nothing less than a major exercise in preparation, patience, and stamina. . . and that’s putting it nicely! Really, though, aside from a couple manageable tantrums, and leaving my stroller at the airport when we got home, the trip itself went as well as I could have hoped!


I attribute this to my wonderful, amazing Ergo carrier, a friend who lent me her CARES Flight Harness (if you click the link, you’ll go to Shelly Rivoli’s Travels with Baby site that has some other GREAT travel tips and family friendly plane accessories), and whoever told me to buy band aids and pack them in my carry on.

Our trip there, Abbey and Joseph had a blast with the two boxes of $1 bandaids I brought with us, playing doctor and nurse with stuffed animals and toys.


On our flight back, we had a layover in Chicago after a 2 hour flight from Houston, and we spent that hour and a half watching planes land and take off through the large windows by our gate, eating Happy Meals, taking “field trips” to the trash can by our gate (the kids would walk together 20 feet to the trash can, deposit the piece of trash, and race back to me) . . . and watching the Cartoon Network on mute (I was thankful for the cartoons, because Abbey sat still for like 30 minutes).

Abbey slept for the first half of the plane ride from Chicago to Manchester, NH, and Joseph slept for the second half. My prayers for at least SOME napping were answered! Look how adorable my sleeping beauties are! You bet this mama was happy that they were getting some rest!

Abbey Napping on Plane wm

Joseph asleep on the plane wm

Before Joseph fell asleep, however, he was QUITE active, and I was afraid that the fight attendants were going to have a thing or two to say to me about his wiggling and jumping in the seat (thank goodness there were extra seats!) but they didn’t.

He made himself a water transfer activity out of the two waters I requested with my 2:00 coffee (they have hazelnut creamer on Southwest flights!)

Joseph Airplane Water Play 1 wm

Can you tell he has a mama and a grandma that have Montessori backgrounds!?

Joseph Airplane Water Play 2 wm


Nursing was also an awesome help for both of the Silly Bears’ ears during landings. And nobody forced me to cover up (thankfully!)

Overall, our trip was wonderful (so worth the tiring traveling for the amount of time we spent with my parents!) and we are also so glad to be home. I’ll detail some of our other adventures in Mamatography this week as well as in some future posts, but that’s the most of it. We flew, we stayed, we flew back again.

Home again, home again. . .



  1. I bet it feels great to be home, but it looks like it was an amazing trip!

    • Absolutely. It was WONDERFUL to be back home with my folks, and great to see our niece and nephews, but it’s also good to be HOME!

      Thanks for reading, Nicole!

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