10 Reasons to Breastfeed (funny and true!)


Joseph, sleeping at the breast

I have been writing some heavy and deep breastfeeding posts lately, and I thought I’d shake it up a bit and post a funny (but true) one!

Scary Mommy has a list of “10 (shallow) Reasons to Breastfeed” and I love giggling through the list. Thanks, Courtney, for reminding me of this list. It’s a hoot!

I think #7 is my personal favorite. Comes in handy every day!

We were just talking at La Leche League the other day about how helpful and lovely it is for a baby/toddler/child to home HOME to mommy’s breast for comfort.

Doesn’t matter what the frustration is, HOME at mommy’s breast always satisfies and comforts!

Take a look and tell me what YOUR favorite “shallow” reason for breastfeeding is!

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