Mamatography: The Start of Winter

It’s winter time, and I’m finally catching up on my Mamatography posts. Finish strong! Only have a few weeks left to go!

It’s gotten COLD, so our afternoons (post 3:30) are spent playing together and sharing arts and crafts projects.

LOVE watching this little bundled boy play at the park with his friends. Total ham. So photogenic!

Jed and I were both awestruck by Abbey’s progress in shaping letters, and her growth this fall!

She brought this home from preschool before Thanksgiving and I practically cried.

Joseph and Abbey both helped me make Buns for Thanksgiving with our friends.

Joe did more poking of the bread than helping to make it. Abbey loved punching down the dough.

Abbey and I have been enjoying warming our bellies with hot cocoa after playing in the cold.

This week we got our first play-able snow! How exciting!

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