Miracles into Monsters and Back Again

The Taboo Carnival

Welcome to the Taboo Carnival. Our topic this Fall is I LOVE YOU BUT I DON’T ALWAYS LIKE YOU! This post was written for inclusion in the quarterly Taboo Carnival hosted by Momma Jorje and Hybrid Rasta Mama. This month our participants reflect on the concept of loving versus liking our children and their behaviors. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.


“I love you, but I do not like you right now”

If I had a dime for the number of times I have said this (or a variation of this) in the past few weeks, I would have a nice “mommy-time-out-time” fund saved up. I mean seriously. The spitting. The raspberries. The laughing in my face. The changing of the subject. The defiance. The shaking of that cute little preschool booty and all of the potty language. Oh, the potty language!!!!!

Sometimes, I find myself in the place of loving my 4 year old mini-me with all of my heart. . . and despising her behavior with all of my being.

I love you. . . . but I don’t like you. It’s a bitter reality. And a huge lesson. Every time.

Miracles into Monsters – A Gentle Mother’s Un-doing

I have a profound affection for both of my children. They are my flesh and blood and the embodiment of the care, commitment, and passion that my husband and I feel for one another. I adore the miracles that are my children. . . and I know that the joyful challenge of parenting is a true blessing.

But sometimes, those awesome, miraculous, beautiful Silly Bears (mostly the 4-year-old one) just act so extremely unpleasant, and there’s nothing I can do to turn it around.

Turning Monsters Back Into Miracles

In retrospect, I watch myself in my mind’s eye going through the paces of mothering in a difficult situation, and I want to just break into the moment and tell myself:

“Stop! Stop trying to get her to do it your way and just love her. Stop trying to discipline her and control her and just love her.

I know that you want this moment to end, that you don’t want to fight with her anymore, so just hug her. Just hug that extremely disrespectful, nagging, spitting, cackling, potty mouthed monster of a baby girl.

Breathe in her slight-framed, sticky-fingered, wispy braided-pigtail-wearing, ridiculously awful cuteness

until she stops seeming like such a monster and starts looking like your little miracle again.”

Reconciling Unpleasant Moments

In reality, these moments don’t end with a hug. We will get tired of taking breaks to calm down, and one (or both) of us will lose it and have a fit. Then there’s a few moments where we hate eachother. . . and a few minutes a while later when we sit face to face, holding hands and talking about our emotions and our needs and how mommy and Abbey can do better next time.

Thinking about it, I think that reconciling unpleasant moments is definitely one of my favorite parts of parenting. The blow- up… The fit… The fighting… Is totally not fun. But seeing my daughter understand that being upset with someone doesn’t mean there’s no love there is awesome. Helping her understand that everyone is human, everyone is culpable, and everyone also deserves and receives forgiveness is amazing. The moments of “I love you but I don’t like you” . . . are hidden blessings for me, because the reconciliation between myself and my baby is a special thing.

Though the two of us regularly torment each other with unpleasant behaviors, our conflict also allows us the opportunity to connect and reconcile our thoughts and needs together.

Next time, though, I might try a little harder to end it with a hug – before it blows up.


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  1. I’ve had times when it feels like we are on a one way track…barreling down and nothing is stopping it. We are in a cycle. it’s those times that I have to remind myself that I need to jump us onto another track by doing something totally different. We have a tea party, read a book, go to the park….something that many individuals would disapprove of. However, it allows us to connect, to get out of the cycle, and reminds us of our love.

  2. Very spot on! I have a fiery and passionate daughter – who’s temperament is nearly the same as my own. I’m pretty good at giving her affection when I least want to. Sometimes though, we just lose it.
    Much of the time, seeing angry expressions on my face propel her further into a tirade because those expressions make her feel so awful and she hates that I am feeling negatively toward her. I understand her desperate need to know that our relationship is okay and that I still love her and like her, even when I’m not happy with something that has occurred.

  3. Beautiful. Sometimes I feel like I need to put reminders ALL OVER my home. Things like “hug that monster” would be great!

    I hate bedtime. And Sasha’s latest stall is to ask me for a hug in the middle of brushing her hair (which really only takes a few minutes). But I’ve actually learned it is easier to pause for that hug RIGHT THEN than to fight about it until we’re finished.


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  2. […] Miracles into Monsters and Back Again — Amy W at Me, Mothering, and Making it All Work processes the pain and hidden beauty of a gentle mother’s greatest weakness – when little miracles act like little monsters! […]

  3. […] Miracles into Monsters and Back Again — Amy W at Me, Mothering, and Making it All Work processes the pain and hidden beauty of a gentle mother’s greatest weakness – when little miracles act like little monsters! […]

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