Changing of the Seasons

So, it’s officially Fall up here in New England.

The leaves are starting to turn crisp and fall, swirling down to the ground among cheers and giggles from our children playing at the park.

Cool mornings and a sunny afternoon have been gracing most of our week, but the chilly and grey days like today speak a warning and a promise of the winter to come.

Abbey’s class is mixing and painting with fall colors at preschool, and Joe is discovering the joy of crunching leaves in his hands and under his feet.

This reminds me of the joy of the Holiday season, but also reminds me to be even more aware of my mood, as grey days tend to make me sleepy and a little sad. Time to turn on the “happy light” and get some artificial UVA and UVB, and to make sure that the kids get their multivitamin in the morning and at night.

Bedtime moves to 7:00 PM, and there’s less and less light during the day, so nap time moves earlier, and early afternoon playtime is essential!


We’re looking forward to a crisp and cool fall, hubs’ return home, a fun-filled Halloween, friend-filled Thanksgiving, and a white Advent season and a trip to Texas for Christmas!

Thinking about the fall weather makes me want to make coffee time earlier today ;) ha

How is Fall in your neck of the woods?

Do you have any Fall crafts planned, or Fall time activities that you love to do? Share in the comments below!


  1. mmm i need to get some planned we do have a plan for the pumpkin patch in oct!

  2. Fall is SO HOT down here so far! It sounds like you are off to an awesome start to the season. So far…I think we’re going to a pumpkin patch sometime. But no definite plans. I really enjoyed the pictures in this post!!

  3. We’re going to go to a pumpkin patch soon and then carve pumpkins next week. My kiddos enjoy making a huge pile of leaves and jumping in it. I love fall! :) With less sun and daylight during the day I tend to get sad more easily, though. I’ve been taking my vitamins, so hopefully that helps. I should look into getting a light box.

    • FUN! We have been playing in the leaves, too! I also have seasonal depression issues (SAD). My mom bought be a UV light for my sewing desk just for that reason ;) And we painted our walls – changing from military issue off-white was a huge mood-booster! Have a great fall, and thanks for stopping by and connecting with me!

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