This week, we attended a friend’s 3rd birthday, Abbey and her friends were super imaginative at the park, planting a garden in the mud after a rainstorm (messy but fun!), and we also spent time with daddy and with friends, and I completed Joseph’s blackout curtains. I also started planning for designing a craft booth for Silly Bear Handmade in preparation for beginning to show my work at craft fairs. More about that soon. It’s seriously a whole additional craft to design and layout a booth in a pleasing way! I had no idea that planning a craft showing would be so intense but the ideas out there are stunning.

Anyway, back to my week: The fairy outfit was my very first multicolor embroidering project on my SE400 and I’m LOVING my new embroidery machine. The possibilities (as long as they fit in the 4×6 embroidery frame!) are endless. Abbey had an awesome time modeling the outfit for me to take pictures and share. . . Lily LOVED her present, and we had fun at the party, too!

Now, this did add some work to my plate, however, because I had to add to my sewing/crafting list “make Abbey a matching fairy outfit” because she loves that fairy embroidery SO much. So do I. The rainbow metallic wings are stunning. I’m truly thrilled with what my machine can do! Love!

Here are some pictures from the rest of our week!


The kids have so much fun playing at the park with their friends. We’re out there every afternoon and most mornings. It’s so amazing to watch them grow and change! Motherhood is such a blessing!

That was our week. How was YOURS!?


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