Mamatography August Week 4


“Whoooooooooooo” says Joe! He just totally loves swinging!

This week, as always, we spent lots of time at the park by our house with our neighbor friends.

Abbey and Joseph LOVE asking me to underdog swing them. “Run and then get through!!!!!” Abbey shouts.

Joseph, Abbey, and Hubs watched football this weekend. . .


Joe wouldn’t even give me a “Cheese!” he was so enthralled with the game.

Here’s a “Cheese!” picture for you. Joseph is now 16 months old and he is getting so big.

He is such a ham, and his happy, silly, and stubborn faces are exactly like Hubs’. It’s hilarious. Abbey and Joe have been enjoying coloring together. Love those two Silly Bears!!!!

Two peas in a pod!

New Hybrid Fitted Diapers. LOVE the stretch and absorbency of the HFs!

And Joe has been giving them a thorough testing!

Earlier in the week, I sewed up some new diapers. . . and then subsequently ran completely out of bamboo velour.

I’ll just have to order some more next week, and sew something different for a few days. Like this organic cotton and bamboo fleece baby blanket I made for my new niece OR nephew due soon!

I can’t wait to get back to sewing diapers, though. I’m really loving the hybrid fitteds, and I hope to be doing my first REAL stocking on the Silly Bear Handmade Etsy Shop soon!

That was OUR Week. How was YOURS!?

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