Mamatography – August 2012 Week 3

This week I developed an amazing peach banana smoothie with chia seeds that’s totally yummy. Recipe soon!

Abbey helped me make salmon patties, and her little hands made “Abbey-sized” and “Brother-sized” ones.


I finished knitting the mug cozy I have been working on, and it ended up being way too big for a traditional 12 oz. mug, but it fits nice and cozy on a 16-18 oz. one! Knitting cables with straight needles isn’t all that hard after all!



I’ve been working on a few machine embroidery designs, including a Big Bang Theory themed BAZINGA! logo for Hubs. . . this is still in progress.


I organized the kids’ craft cabinet. . . you don’t even want to see the before picture.
Still not the way I’d prefer it to be organized, but at least it’s not falling out everywhere! You work with what you’ve got!

Joe’s such a cutie, saying “Cheese!” when I take pictures. But he rarely ever looks the correct direction. . . or ever stops moving. Here, he is wearing a new diaper. . . a Hybrid Fitted diaper – in a newly redesigned Silly Bear Handmade pattern. Better pictures to come!

That was our week. How was YOURS?


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