Wordless Wednesday – US ARMY Tribute Diaper

Sharing on this wordless wednesday the US Army Tribute Diaper that I made as a custom order for a customer last week.


  1. Julia @ A Little Bit of All of It says:

    Love the diaper!

    Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

    • Thanks, Julia! I loved making it :) I’m going to make a Coast Guard one for my little guy soon! And then stock the Etsy shop with made-to-order ones for all branches! :)

  2. It looks amazing! I wish i had a hand at sewing like this!

    Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

    • Jess, a couple of years ago, I could only sew a straight line – before that, I didn’t really know how to work a sewing machine at all! It’s amazing what a lot of practice and perseverance can do! :)

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