Mindful Inventory – Summer Edition

Yes, friends. I am still here! As I joked with my dear friends and fellow authors at Natural Parents Network the other day, I have “gone blog-silent” for a bit. But I am still here. In fact, I am here in finer form than before, thanks to the new amywilla.com site design created and installed by the very talented (and fellow Coast Guard wife to boot!) Courtney Kirkland. I’d been trying to extend my DIY skills to web design, but found it way too complex. When I ran into Courtney’s site, and got to know her through her blog, seeing her work and knowing what a hard working, passionate, and authentic person she is made me really excited to jump on her site-design wait list and hire her to re-do the site! But more about Courtney in another post.

What’s been going on with ME that’s made me so “blog-silent” the past few weeks? To answer that, I’m going to do what I call a “Mindful Inventory” . . .

I like to do these for myself when my head starts spinning with lots of things going on. It helps be remember to be proud of my accomplishments, aware of the joy in my life, and to plan for the time ahead.


THE MAIN IDEA of the summer has been: My first semester back in college (as an online student) and the nurture of the Silly Bears, Abbey (now almost 4!) and Joe (16 months).

THE BEST THING about the summer has been: Having my hubs home and spending time together as a family!


  1. Doing my very first craft show to market Silly Bear Handmade in June and being more successful than I thought I would be!
  2. Watching Joseph and Abbey see their Nana and Papa (Hubs’ parents) and spend time with them during their visit
  3. Finishing my first semester of full-time online school with all (still pending) A’s and B’s
  • WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO IN THE FALL: Fall foliage, another Silly Bear Handmade craft show, and harvesting from our garden. 

  • WHAT I WISH I HAD DONE MORE OF THIS SEASON: Sewing and marketing for Silly Bear Handmade

  • WHAT I DID JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF: Spending time with my children, and learning not to yell as much as I have before. 

  • WHAT I’M PROUDEST OF THIS SEASON: Joseph’s growth, Abbey’s singing, and my making it through full-time school and full-time mothering! Also getting better at taking photos in manual!
So, how has YOUR summer been? I’d love to hear the highlights of your summer, and what you’re most looking forward to for the rest of the season and the coming months. Let me know in the comments!


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