Mamatography Week 17

This post is part of Mamatography 2012, a project hosted by Diary of a First Child. The goal is to document the entire year of 2012 in photos. Paired with my participation in fellow Coast Guard Wife Courtney Kirkland‘s 52 Faces project and her Move to Manual series, I am definitely learning more about my camera, my photos, & my kids, and I’ll have plenty of great photos to document 2012. 
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 Mommy attended a training last week for my volunteer work as Command Ombudsman for my Hubs’ Coast Guard Cutter. It was a 9-3 training Monday through Wed, and Abbey got to experience a full day at the Child Development center while Joseph stayed at home with daddy. It was a different (and actually surprisingly wonderful) dynamic. Hubs’ mentioned to me that he liked the feeling of bonding more with Joe, and he could tell that I benefitted from doing something other than mothering/cleaning/household managing.

We’ve decided to make it a priority that daddy takes responsibility for the kids more often while I work on my new business, or do Ombudsman volunteer activities, or simply just have a mommy day. We just have to make sure that we WATCH Abbey carefully when we allow her to help with the motorcycle cleaning, daddy! (She cut herself on a tool this week, and came to us with a bleeding thumb, saying, “I touched the danger thing, and it hurt me!”)

Joe seems pretty chill with the idea of more daddy time. 
Here he is, relaxing after a trip to the park with daddy :)

 But back to the daily grind. . . kiddos at the park (and one with an awful scrape on his face!)

Now that Joe can walk well, he’s into everything!!!!

He’s also discovering the joy of playing with Raven
. . . and resisting naps a bit, which makes him a little drowsy when he wakes up from them. . . *YAWN*

 My Silly Bears in my Ombudsman stuff. . . *sigh* . . . it was all organized. . . the life of a multi-tasking mama! :) They made up for getting into my papers by being absolutely adorable the first time that Joseph used his new booster seat for dinner. He was so excited to be at the family table! (we repurposed his weaning table for a reading table in his room).

And that was our week. How was YOURS?


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  1. Oh my goodness the sleepy pic is priceless. Daddy time is so special, and it shows in how happy they are in all these photos :)

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