Being, Changing, Believing.

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_ _ _ 

As we live life, we are in a state of constant flux – life is an ever changing organism. Always something new. . . asking us to adapt and create new paths to follow.
This used to be really hard for me. I’m a type-A personality through and through. A Go-doer with a PLAN. And changes in my plan used to uproot my whole life’s “ecosystem”
Change used to seriously upset things for me. Like akin to what happened to Schmidt in New Girl when Jess tried to get him loosen up a little and everything went bonkers. Schmidt may have issues. . . but “You don’t mess with the ecosystem!” . . . that’s how thing used to be for me.  Change just didn’t work for me. I’d go crazy.
And then I became a military wife.
I had one small (small for me) freak out about the fact that if I married my [now] husband, I would definitely someday have to move away from all the plans I was making in Houston [my hometown]. It scared me.  I almost backed out of love because I was so scared about change.
And then I changed. I married my husband. We made decisions, had babies. Dealt with debt. Dealt with changing friendships. Crazy people. Life lessons. Family tensions. Made a military move.
_ _ _
I adapted. I learned that not all change is bad (actually, most of it is not bad.)
I saw that change could be a powerful tool, and, in my faith-journey, I learned that not only does God want us to be open to change in His plan for us. . . 
. . . but that simply being clay in His hands is what He is calling me to do – over anything else. 
To love Him and trust Him. And allow love and circumstance to change me. For learning how it is to be organic and authentic is a huge blessing. He is always teaching, always guiding.
I just needed to have trust in Him, and follow the cues and chances he was giving me.
I found that living in an always changing, organic way was incredibly freeing and opened me up to a vibrancy in life that I hadn’t seen before. 
I embraced my daughter and our breastfeeding relationship, which led me to become a peer counselor with WIC in Texas, and help numerous young families make educated, healthy decisions for their babies. I got involved with the La Leche League, and I suddenly knew what my career path would be. I wanted to help moms and babies as an IBCLC.
I made a military move, after a six month separation while my husband was in training. I made new friends. Eventually. I learned what it meant to be a Coast Guard wife attached to a Cutter. That “Tahoma never Home-a” was a literal statement albeit made in a joking way. And I adapted again. And again.
I found that an organic, ever adapting, authentic life was imperative for a military lifestyle. I wanted to keep working as a Peer Counselor. . . but didn’t have any opportunities that were financially feasible in our new home. And so I mothered. I planned. Then I re-planned. and re-planned again.
_ _ _ 
We had a new baby on the way. I learned all about natural childbirth and natural parenting. Then another change in my plan came when I had to have another induction. And I adapted my way through that kink, too. Delivering Joseph naturally despite the medically induced labor. I realized that changes in plans, even really drastic changes in really important plans – like having a baby – could be overcome by working with what you’ve got: That what my mom and dad had always told me as a seriously perfectionistic and panicy type-A teenager was true. 
That it’s ALL about perspective.
And so, I’ve been continuing to meander my way through this organic authentic messy maze that is the path of my life, being me, finding myself, mothering, balancing military wife life, and making it all work. 
And if I had never accepted that change is good, and flexibility doesn’t mean weakness, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here writing this today. 
Well, I know I certainly wouldn’t be writing this with a smile on my face, that’s for sure.
_ _ _ 
If you’re feeling out-of-control (which, yes, I still do feel on occasion) or helpless and worried about changes going on in your life, my experience is that allowing change to mold you is not a bad thing. It leads to discoveries of natural rhythms and deeper relationships, better understanding, and true authenticity. To find these life lessons, you have to let go.
Whether it’s God or Life that you believe in – believe. Change. Be. It’s OK that you’re not in control. 
Roll with the punches. See the outcome.
I bet you it’s ultimately a beautiful thing.


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    1. You are talking to the Type A queen over here (but you probably already knew that!) Change and Jennifer butt heads. I absolutely love your narrative and your journey as to how you came to embrace change. “I found that living in an always changing, organic way was incredibly freeing and opened me up to a vibrancy in life that I hadn’t seen before.” You are spot on with this statement. There is so much freedom in flowing with the winds of life. When you fight them, it really does get you nowhere. Thank you for writing such an honest post. I think that this is very inspiring to people who are not as welcoming of change.

    2. Change gives us the opportunity for growth.

    3. I hear you on flexibility! I’m also a military wife and the ability to adapt and change plans on a dime is essential to keeping your sanity. It takes a degree of conscious ‘letting go’ continuously that is often hard, like any kind of change, but it can be liberating too!

    4. Well put! We view change as something so risky, yet it is what Life is all about and with change comes growth. So true! Thank you!

    5. Sweet! I LOVE this post, and I appreciate that you put such a personal touch to this carnival. I’m an anxoid, (anxious person) so change and me don’t generally get along easily. But like you, as I grow older I become more comfortable with change and let it flow over me just a little more easily. Great post! =)

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