Mamatography Week 7

 My new Kitchenaid Immersion Blender. . . that I won from participating in Beth Aldrich’s Real Mom’s Love To Eat food Affariate program. Using this this week to make green smoothies, and it’s SO much easier than using a big, clunky, traditional blender! TOTALLY LOVE THIS THING.
DIY wall art for our front room that I have been working on.
A variation of this project that has been floating around Pinterest for months now:

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I used a thrift store canvas painting that I painted over and then applied vinyl letters to it (cut with my Cricut machine). When I’m done (hopefully soon!) I’ll add a coat or two of matte finish polyurethane spray and write up a tutorial. I love how it’s coming so far! 

I love it when Joseph sleeps on his belly. So sweet. 
With his little hands tucked under him and his bum in the air. . . 
The past weekend’s teething pains (and getting over a cold) meant napping on mommy’s chest in my mama-made mai tai baby carrier. Sweet boy. . . he’s so cute and snuggly! 

Wednesday, our furniture was delivered. Hubs and I sprung for a King sized bed this tax return season. . . but went with a knock-off temperpedic to save some $$$. . . I love it, and as you can see Abbey loves it, too. Our walls, however, look totally depressing in military issue white.

Thursday: Some tester diapers hanging out in the front room, begging me to finish them up while I drink my afternoon coffee. They’re waiting to be snapped when my snap press comes in. I want to snap them NOW but I know that the press is much better than the pliers I have been using for sewing my own stash.
Friday Morning cuddles from my silly bears


  1. We are hoping to get a king size bed tonight with the president’s sale… we’ll see what kind of deal we can find! But we are wanting a king size bed asap!
    Your little guy is so precious! Makes me baby hungry :)

  2. Aw Thanks! The bed is SUPER comfortable, and I am totally sleeping sprawled out in a large X until the Hubs gets back. It’s amazing! I nom nom nom on Joseph’s little cheeks like, constantly. I think he might grow up thinking its totally appropriate to nom nom nom on people because I just can’t help myself – he’s such a cutie patootie!

  3. Love the canvas. Can’t wait to see the finished product. Such cuties! It’s so sweet when little ones sleep with their bums in the air :)

  4. So sweet!! I love the little sleeping pictures….Noah sleeps on his tummy too and it’s the CUTEST thing! We’re planning to invest in a king size bed when we move. I can’t wait to have the extra room. LOL

  5. Wow! You make your own diapers! Totally impressed over here. Love that canvas.

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