Mamatography Week 6 (36-42)

 Mamatography Week 6 is a little late this week. It’s been quite a week! I just realized that we have had 2 trips to Chuck E Cheese in the past week. One right after daddy left on patrol, with our friends and neighbors, and one when daddy had a surprise bit of liberty out of a Boston Port call in which he was able to come home for a bit!

 Here’s Joseph and his friend “little” Larry (Larry IV) chowing down on egg from the salad bar

I’m following Courtney’s Move to Manual photography tips series and while I haven’t gotten to the aperture and lighting segments yet, this was a luckily beautiful shot of Joe in Manual

And here’s Abbey and Joe in the background, taken in Manual mode, while Abbey led a dance class for her invisible Little Einstein Friends.

 It’s so much easier to use Manual mode outdoors! Here’s Abbey on her bike. Whoa has she grown!

Joseph peering out of his stroller. . . 

 At his monkey of a sister! And chewing on his finger. . . at least it’s not MY finger in there! He’s got some sharp choppers!

 Me and the Hubs taken with Hubs’ new iPhone 4S – an extra liberty perk for him. It was so nice to see him only a week into the patrol. Usually we have to wait weeks and weeks before even speaking, so I relished it!

And yes, my friends. . . I am still sewing diapers getting ready for my shop opening in May. Note to self, you REALLY need to get a snap press and figure out where you’re going to mount it. . . 
That’s all for now!
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