52 Faces Week 5

I’m looking forward to having 52 faces from each of my silly bears to watch their growth through 2012!
Joseph has been teething a LOT this week, so his best face was asleep on my chest. 
I caught it with my iPhone. 
 Abbey and I have both been really busy this week, with diaper sewing, Valentines Day crafts, hosting playgroups, and my Ombudsman training, so I have to admit, I didn’t even THINK of doing a photo shoot. So here’s her best “portrait” for the week!


  1. Teething is so hard. The mom in me wishes they were born with them, the nursing mom in me is glad they aren’t!

  2. Awww….hope he’s feeling better! Noah had the worst time teething. His teeth all came in at one time. In a way, I was grateful because we got it over with. But it was a HORRIBLE few weeks when they were all coming through. And she is just PRECIOUS!! THanks so much for linking up!! Looking forward to seeing your photos every week!

  3. Thanks, Courtney! Yeah. . . Joseph is pretty miserable lately, with teething pains and a cold. . . it makes me so sad for him, and incredibly TIRED as I’m waking up at like 2 AM with him every morning. . . but, like you say, that’s what makes you a mom!

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