Mamatography 15-21

Love this girl! She has her daddy’s eyes!
Yay! Snow! 
“Look at the big snowball! Daddy make that for me!”
“Sup, mom?” Oh, those big blue EYES! Love!
Our black Lab Raven in the snow!
Sweet Joseph having a playdate with our neighbor’s daughter. 
Rainbow cloth wipes I made for fellow NPN Volunteer, Jorje.


  1. Gorgeous pics! :)

  2. Thanks! This week had some good ones! I did pump up the color on Joseph’s pic, and it made the whites of his eyes a little blue. . . I’ll have to fix that when I have the patience :)

  3. Beautiful eyes, and so much SNOW! I love your wipes pic too – so colourful!

  4. Thanks, Luschka! We have been SO pleased with the snow we’ve gotten. . . a little late in the season, but just enough to enjoy sledding (next week’s pictures!) and making snowmen, but not enough to make things annoying or too dangerous to go out on the roads :)

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