I’m still here!

Just wanted to pop in and say “I’m still here!”

You’ll find that I’m not posting as frequently, and I want to let you know that there is a really good reason why not.
I am prepping for my (online) shop opening. Silly Bear Handmade will officially open for business in May, 2012, so I’m really super busy sewing cloth diapers and selling tester diapers for product testing, figuring out all the legalese, opening business bank accounts and paypal accounts. . . yada yada. . . 

. . . while mothering my little guy, with my preschooler in tow right behind me all the way!
So, stick with me! I love your readership, and I’m always working on new posts to educate, empower, and inspire your journey in natural living and natural parenting! 


  1. i want to be a tester! my 22 month old toddler girl is potty trained, but we could really use a super absorbent cloth night diaper, and i would totally try some family cloth!

  2. Thanks, Mary! I’ll have to post some family cloth to test after I get my test diapers up. I’m super confident in my diapers as daytime diapers, but overnight, I have had issues with performance during the 10-12 hours stretch that Joseph has. . .

    . . . so I’m still working on figuring out what works best (is it a different insert, different material, different system – like using fleece?) for night time. Even the diapers I have bought don’t stand up to the “power pee” that Joe has going on at night! LOL

    So I’ll keep you posted and definitely take you up on your offer to test when I feel more confident about night time use with older babies and toddlers! “Like” Silly Bear Handmade on fb and you can keep tabs on the diapers and other products as they go up for testing and for sale! Thanks for your support!

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