Diving In – WAHM Business and ME

I feel like I’m at the edge of the high-dive, teetering on the edge, and never jumping.

Photo Credit: Stephen Nakatani 

Over a YEAR ago I had the idea to start a WAHM business creating handmade play things, clothing, and accessories for little ones and the family home. And while I still haven’t actually opened up shop, I have started talking about and promoting my Silly Bear Handmade Facebook page on my blog (on the left sidebar) and on Facebook. 
I feel like if I talk about it, and make it public that the shop is in development that then I’ll have better luck holding myself accountable to REALLY DOING IT.
This idea has been lingering for some time now – to create accountability for myself to actually actively pursue my professional and creative goals (personal, too, but that’s another post) while mothering mindfully and desiring peace in my parenting. But when I read Kate’s post about whether Goals are Necessary, I was linked to Michael Hyatt’s Intentional Leadership site, where he blogged about Six Keys to Achieving Big Goals . . . 
. . . and Accountability ( “Going Public with Your Commitment”) was one of them.
So, I’m going public with my commitment to open up shop for Silly Bear Handmade by MAY, 2012. This isn’t a post asking you for your business, or trying to promote my shop. . . because it isn’t really in existence yet. But, like a growing baby in a mama’s womb. . . it already has life, and I feel like it needs to be celebrated and have the honor of an open, public commitment.
How do you feel about setting goals and self-accountability?

Have you had experience opening a WAHM business? If so, what type of advice can you give to mamas starting out in the WAHM world?


  1. Congrats and good luck from one WAHM to another. I am happy to repost when you are selling online!

  2. Thanks! ;)

  3. I am so excited for your shop to open! I cannot wait to order from you :)

  4. Thanks, Lacey!

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