My Preschool “Cherub” and Her Songs of Praise

Abbey loves singing – I think song is her language. She falls, she sings “I’m ok. I’m ok” to a tune. And a syncopated tune with a dance included, at that! She has something to say? Usually she sings it. Or she’s playing with her imaginary (or flesh and blood) friends – I betcha she’s singing.

So, having the opportunity to sing in the Cherub’s Choir at our church (for pre-K to K) was right up Abbey’s alley, and after just one rehearsal, she came home belting out the worship song that they learned for church. “Every time I feel the spirit moving in my heart, I will PRAY!”

She hasn’t stopped singing it since.


Now, they’re preparing for their Christmas Pageant (tomorrow! I’m so excited!) where the Cherubs run into the church to exclaim “Glory to GOD in the Highest! And Peace to all people on Earth!”

They’re also singing “Go Tell It On The Mountain” – which Abbey loves, and is singing non-stop, along with a couple other songs. I’m so happy that Hubs will be in attendance for church on Christmas Pageant day! It’s a real blessing that he is home this Christmas and not underway on patrol.


Abbey gives Ms. Abbey (the choir director) quite a run for her money, since she’s just so enthusiastic and spirited. Everything for Abbey is THAT MUCH MORE important or THAT MUCH MORE disappointing, or THAT MUCH MORE fun. . . and that doesn’t jive too well with choir rehearsal at times – but after a near drama-fest over Abbey being “too young to follow rules” – we’re all going to work together to provide the “right dynamic to include all the children” in Cherub’s Choir. I’m very grateful for this decision, since I’m pretty sure that Abbey (and I, not going to lie) would be totally and irreversibly heart-broken should she not be able to sing in the choir with her friends.


I may have totally embarrassed myself in front of the choir director and a couple other moms (Thank God they’re my friends!), bursting out into tears because I was told Abbey wasn’t welcome to be in her beloved choir on account of her highly energetic and willful spirit – but the end result was a compromise in which rotating parent volunteers will help the choir stay focused during their short rehearsals, in order to allow the 3-year olds to participate.

Although, if I may be so bold, I’ll go ahead and say that bending rules you’re well aware of and used to (like the older kindergarteners in choir) is more of a worry than bending rules that you haven’t learned yet (in the case of the new choir members, including Abbey). Just sayin. 

All’s well that ends well, though. And when it includes preschoolers in choir robes and angel halos singing Christmas songs, how can it not make you feel happy and blessed!? :)

Does your child LOVE to sing?

What is your child’s “language”?

Do you have memories of your child being involved with choir or other art forms at church or school?

How do you cope with others’ expectations of your child in a group setting – especially when they may not be realistic or appropriate expectations?

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