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How Did Our Garden Grow? (plus Linky!)

This post includes an invitation to share your gardening experiences from the 2011 growing season via a Linky tool. Please scroll to the bottom and link up!, as well as leave a comment about your experience. Can’t wait to read all of your experiences and get some discussion started about gardening!


Earlier this fall, I wrote about our first experience gardening for produce. So, how did our garden grow? Lemme give you the scoop.

I think it grew well, for our first produce garden!

We had 7 melon plants that grew, flowered, and fruited!

Among these plants, we had 7 cantaloupes that grew to at least 5″ in diameter, and 3 watermelons.

I used fresh basil from my basil plants on many occasions throughout the summer, and loved it!

The worst part of our gardening experience this summer was when we had 9 days of rain, and despite my best efforts to keep the cantaloupes dry, they all (yes, ALL of them!) rotted out that week.

Our “Big Mama Watermelon” also rotted out. I wasn’t positive when to harvest her. . . I kept thumping the melon, wondering if I was hearing a hollow sound or not. . . and then one afternoon, in late October, I decided that I didn’t care how she sounded when I hit her – it was time to crack ‘er open. And then she was rotten :( I guess I waited too long.

She smelled delicious, though – just looked awful. Apparently, she rotted out through a small hole no bigger than a dime. What sour luck!

But the best part of our gardening experience this season was the harvest of our “miracle cukes” – Abbey desperately wanted to plant veggies, but it wasn’t warm enough in April, prior to Joseph’s birth, to do so. And then come June, when I was ready to plant, we couldn’t find any veggie plants, so we threw out seed. Abbey was really relentless about planting veggies. I was nervous that they wouldn’t even sprout, but lo and behold, everything grew, everything flowered, and we had four cucumbers to harvest by the end of the season! The first one we ate was delicious. I can’t wait to use our large ones in a salad and in sandwiches next week!

Did you garden with your family this season?

How was your experience?

I’d love to get some discussion going on the topic of gardening for produce/sustainable living. I’m definitely on the beginning end of this part of a natural lifestyle, but I hope to learn more next season!
Please share your gardening experiences by leaving a comment and/or linking to your blog post regarding gardening.  Link up below!


  1. How fun! And I love your new header. :) I’m jealous that you get to grow melons where you live — there’s never enough sun here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re still harvesting tomatoes, though, on the plus side. :) I’ll try to get up a post soon so I can link up!

  2. Those cucumbers are awesome! Mine grew well too, I’ll definitely do more next year.

  3. Love the header too! This is my first time visiting your blog and I’m really impressed. I don’t have anything to say about gardening but I will be following along as I hope to start one this spring and have NO IDEA what I’m doing. :)

  4. Jennifer, I’m so glad you like the blog :) I love the natural parenting community, and I hope that a look into our lives can inspire others to join in the natural parenting challenge with us. My experience has been and continues to be an ever-evolving one. . . I’m glad that you enjoy reading about it!

    Re: the header. . . The lovely artist that worked with me to create the sketch in my header is an old friend of mine from school, with a really neat custom stationary business. . . I’m hoping to feature a give-away from her soon!

    What I’ve learned about gardening so far is that you have to start one to start learning :) And forgive yourself if you kill some plants in the process ;) Someday I will consider myself a green thumb!

  5. I was able to do a graden this year, but only because my mom helped me – I had a new baby shortly before planting season :) We had a good turn-out with the tomatoes and green beans, and had two pumpkins and two zucchinis. The deer ate our corn, though! I’m looking forward to try again next year!

  6. Yes, birthing made our gardening a bit off kilter, too :)

    I’d LOVE to grow some pumpkins next year! I saved butternut squash seeds, too, so that I can do a big patch of gourds. Any tips on growing pumpkins/squash that you can share with us?

  7. I don’t really have many tips about growing pumpkins and squash – I just know that those types of plants do incredibly well in our soil. My neighbors grow more squash and pumpkins than the whole neighborhood can eat, LOL!

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