Finger Knitting and Finger Crochet

Oh, I am SO learning how to finger-knit and finger-crochet.

Alyssa Lynn shows on her Youtube video How to Finger-Crochet the beautiful blanket she made. . . with her fingers and yarn.

I’m VERY inspired!

I’m also thinking this is a good way to let Abbey get her hands on yarn in a creative way. . . without involving knitting needles. If you’d have seen Abbey at our neighbor’s yesterday wielding a skewer for fondue. . . you’d know why knitting needles might not be the best thing for Abbey to have just yet!

I first learned about finger knitting in the comments section of Rachel’s post on how to make paper lanterns on her blog Clean. (The Lusa Organics Blog) . . . and then Googled finger-knitting to see what it was all about. It’s super simple, and I’m excited to teach Abbey.

I myself am really excited about finger-chrocheting a blanket. I mean, how cool is that blanket Alyssa Lynn made? Neat.

Have you ever finger-knitted or used your fingers to crochet? 

What activities do you like to do with your preschoolers to engage their creative and constructive side?


  1. oh man!!! I am totally doing this! Thanks for the post. <3 This looks easy enough for me to do, and I am rather un-crafty :)

  2. !!! After 20 minutes of cursing at the girl in the video for my short-comings, I got it down and I am now happily finger-crocheting a blanket for my daughter, who is residing in my uterus until the spring! Thank you again for posting this!

  3. Yep! So glad this inspired you! You’ll have to share your results with me! I can’t wait to see your baby blanket!

  4. lori gonzalez says:

    I need a video of. how to finger crouchet

  5. omg i came up with the idea 10 years ago and now its blossoming

  6. Did you start with a larg chain stitch?

    • Hi Cindy! It has been so long since I did this that I am unsure if I did or not. . . the youtube video might give you a better understanding of actually how its done. . . I got into knitting soon after, and it’s been all knitting since then!

  7. Is there an actual pattern we can get for this blanket

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