The Big 3

Abbey went to bed last night a two-year-old, and woke up this morning THE BIG 3. In addition to impulsivity, volume control, and endless negotiating and demanding, she’s been showing other preschool-like abilities and behaviors for a while now, like communicating more effectively, speaking in full sentences, making up stories, playing pretend, and using the potty, to name a few. But now, it’s definitely official. I no longer have a “Toddler in tow” – I am a mother to a preschooler and an infant.

Which really doesn’t change things, parenting-wise or blog wise. . . but it’s just another milestone on the journey. Another year gone by. . . another year of joyful challenges up ahead.

Last year, I wrote about how I wanted to try and stop calling Abbey “Baby Girl” because at two, she really wasn’t a baby anymore. Well, I have to say, I failed miserably at that. . . although I do have more terms of endearment in rotation now – “Sweet Girl” . . . “Goobs” . . . and, Abbey’s favorite, “Abs Dabs”
Anyway, happy 3, sweet girl! You make me crazy 60% of the average day, and sometimes I feel like my head might explode from parenting you without losing my top. . . but it’s only because you are incredibly intelligent, insatiably curious, and fearlessly courageous. If you had a motto or a tagline, it would be something like JUST DO IT or NO FEAR. Which is a good thing – um, usually.

To borrow from one of Abbey’s favorite books, Happy Birthday, Little Pookie:
Here’s to a child who’s joyful and clever.
Happy day. Happy year. Happy always and ever!

We love you, Abigail. You are our first baby, our growing child, a great big sister – our little love! Happy 3!

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