Crazy Drivers

OK, so this is a vent.

As I get older, I start to get more and more irritated by reckless, senseless, self-centered drivers. The kind of drivers that do whatever it is THEY want to do, and have no respect for the rules of the road. Sometimes, it seems like these drivers don’t even notice that there ARE rules. Or maybe the rules just don’t apply to them. . .
A Little Backstory
Our town is right on the border of NH and ME. There are 3 bridges that connect the two – one that goes Kittery Foreside –> Downtown Portsmouth, one that bypasses both downtown areas and connects to a secondary highway/boulevard, and one that goes directly to the main highway. Memorial Bridge is the drawbridge that connects the two downtowns. It’s beautiful. It’s practical. It’s efficient. And it’s closed. Because it’s old and needs repair, and we don’t have the funds to fix it. Because of the closure of Memorial Bridge , traffic is re-routed to the Sarah Long Bridge (another drawbridge) on Bypass 1 and to the big highway bridge on 95.
So, about the drivers.
We attend St. John’s Episcopal Church in downtown Portsmouth. It usually takes us about 10 minutes (give or take) to drive there going over Memorial Bridge, but now we have to go all the way around to Bypass 1 and take Sarah Long over the river. It takes probably close to 20 minutes to do that. Add in crazy drivers, and it takes 20 minutes, a near heart attack, and some really deep breathing to quell the expletives that shoot through my mind when people drive like crazies.
See, to get to downtown Portsmouth using the Sarah Long Bridge, I not only have to go the completely opposite way to get to the bridge in the first place, but I have to exit directly after crossing the bridge to turn onto Market street and go back toward downtown. This apparently makes people behind me insanely angry, even though the speed limit is 35, so they really shouldn’t be going 50 ANYWAY. . . I put my blinker on to let them know I will be turning, I tap my brakes WAY before I turn to let them know I will be slowing down, and I go as quickly as I can without endangering myself and my precious cargo, as to not slow down the flow of traffic. But keep in mind it is COMPLETELY LEGAL to turn where I do. It’s just not very common, because you normally would NOT take the Sarah Long Bridge to get to downtown.
What happened
So, I’m driving to church, turning on my signal, tapping my brakes, slowing down for the turn, and the crazy in the Mercury SUV tailgating me lays on his horn, makes some obscene gestures, and practically rear ends me going 45-50 mph. I mean CRAZIES! Did he NOT see my signal OR my break lights? I have been in an accident of that sort before, and the injuries still stay with me. I do NOT want my children in an accident like that. . . and I’m doing everything to prevent something like that from happening because I NOTICE that the person behind me is on my tail, wanting to go faster. . . *deep breath to calm the expletives* . . . and Abbey makes the observation that I’m angry at the other car.
“Yes, dear. Mommy is angry. Angry and scared, because he almost caused an accident and hurt you and baby Joe.”
“Ok, mommy. You can yell if you need to. Nobody hurts my baby brother!”
But then on the way through downtown, then there’s the drivers that don’t understand how to use a stop sign. Some of them treat it like a yield, some of them treat it like a suggestion to stop. And some of them DO stop, but don’t know how to wait their turn. I mean, it’s been almost 10 years now since I took drivers’ ed. But I remember how to use a damned stop sign!
Honestly, after this morning, I wish that I COULD just walk everywhere. But I guess I’ll just continue to drive extremely carefully and be constantly on the defense – watching out for the self-centered, entitled, and impatient crazies that drive like total dolts.
Don’t even get me started on traffic circles. Drivers from a certain state to the South of us are the WORST. And second place in traffic circle dumb-assery are the drivers from Canada. I mean, I’m from TEXAS for cryin out loud! I did not GROW UP using traffic circles. And in one year, I navigate them better than half the drivers here.
Seriously, I’m pretty scared to get on the road with some of these people.
Ok. Vent complete. Happy Sunday! Lord, please have mercy on me for my crazy ramblings. I know it’s not the kindest thing to do, but it makes me feel much more at peace with my anger toward these people who don’t think about the danger they cause on the road!


  1. I’m with you, especially about being tailgated while going the speed limit.
    For your amusement — one of the sponsored ads that showed up on your page is about reducing high blood pressure. :-)

  2. Oh, that’s funny. You mean, on my facebook page? I don’t have any ads on the blog as of yet. . .

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