Crafty Mama- March Projects

Whew! I cannot believe it is nearing the end of March already!

Quick update on the Crafty Mama projects I am working on.

1. Joseph’s Newborn Cloth Diapers (second batch)

After I finish this set of diapers, we should have over 30 diapers (not sure of the exact count) for a newborn to 13 lb size (approximating). I’ll most likely start work on the next size of diapers in May. Diapers are so fun to make, because when you sew a batch, you’re sewing replicas, and the different steps, pieces, and sewing techniques involved make for a really nice meditative construction phase. And it’s really awesome to see your completed stack when you finish!
Just a note: If anyone reading my blog is interested, I am throwing around the idea of sewing cloth diapers for sale next year, and would love to have some volunteers to test my diapers. Send me a message or jot me a comment if you think you might be interested in being a tester.
2. Abbey’s Cupcake Training Pants

Abbey loves to use the potty, when she does use it. For her, it’s difficult to know exactly when she is going to have a bowel movement, as a result of her intestinal surgery at birth – so even though she is showing all the signs of being ready for formal “potty training” – I definitely think it’s best in our case if we take it easy and let Abbey lead us in this venture. Right now, we encourage her to use the potty, and sometimes she wants to do it without encouragement. After Joseph comes, and we all get settled with the new addition to our family, I plan on starting to take Abbey to the potty at certain time increments, and maybe that way we can both get a better sense of her body’s “schedule” (if there is a discernable one!)

So, enough backstory! I am making Abbey some training panties with a light PUL (waterproof) lining sandwiched between organic cotton and a cotton knit (with a little bit of an absorbant layer in the crotch). I don’t want to go straight to cotton panties with Abbey for the sake of her awfully messy poos – sometimes a blowout can be really tragic for her when she soils her clothes :(

But i don’t want to stick with disposable pull ups because a) she can’t feel when she pees . . . and b) we go through a million because some days she has repeated bowel movements for the same poo, and I’ll use like 5 pull ups in a couple of hours ($$$)

So, the training panties are in the works. I call them her Cupcake Panties because I’m basing the pattern on cotton panties that we got from Aunt Kamie that have cupcakes on them. Abbey adores those panties . . . so I plan on freezer paper stenciling and puff painting cupcakes on the front of the panties for her.

3. Wetbags (for cloth diapering)

I am making two wet-bags, in a 10″ by 10″ square size out of some heavy knit fabric in my stash, and the leftover PUL from Abbey’s training panties. Wetbags are pretty simple and after I cut the pieces and insert the zipper, shouldn’t take but an afternoon to complete. I wanted to make them a smaller size than the size I made for Abbey, because I was never filling that wetbag to the top, and then had to reach down inside to get to the dirty diapers and wipes when I did laundry. ICK! So, I’m hoping that making it a squatty square, I’ll get a better size.

4. Pail Liner (for the diaper pail)

We didn’t use a pail liner in Abbey’s diaper pail for the few short months that we cloth diapered her, and I remember how stinky that plastic trash can got, and how often I had to rinse it with bleach to make sure it was clean! Keep in mind, Abbey poops often, so most mommies who cloth diaper probably don’t have the same issue. . . but at any rate, now that we have stairs in our house, a pail liner with a drawstring will make bringing diapers downstairs for washing much easier than dragging the whole diaper pail. The size will depend on the pail I buy.

Lots of baby projects! Joseph’s things are starting to take over my bedside table drawers. . . Oh, which reminds me: I have to share the adorable cloth wipes I made for Joseph at the beginning of the month.

This was the first project I did when I started to feel better, and most of the wipes were cut out while I was still resting in bed – hence they are not all the same size because I didn’t use my rotary cutter ;P But they’re butt wipes, so it’s not a fit issue, and next time I make them, I’ll make them perfect size wise. We have. . .

. . . Military Helo Ops Wipes

. . . Animal Buddies Wipes

. . . and Pirates and Puppies Wipes

cute, huh? I LOVE them. So soft! I can’t wait to have a little butt to wipe with them!


  1. i would love to be a tester! my baby Julia is one year old tomorrow, and in about the 100th percentile for height and weight! If you want to test a large size, she’d be awesome at that. we’ve cloth diapered since birth with bum genius and “nubunz” and are fairly pleased with them. my only issue is that the velcro can be a little problematic. the nubunz velcro has pretty much pooped out, so I sewed fresh velcro over the top of it, but it must be a cheap type I used, as it’s not much better. The bum genius have held up great though, and I’d love to have some homemade to compare them with. I’ve thought about making some, but my sewing skills are pretty darn basic and my work “space” is a joke. thus i’ve only thought about it. For our diaper pail, we use a clear plastic rectangle tote with a lid that snaps down at the handles to lock it on. I just carry the whole thing to the wash machine, and deal with the stinkyness by rinsing it out, dumping the rinse water into the wash machine too. then i set it upside down and by the time the diapers are dry, it is too, so i re-load the tote, and carry it to the couch to re-stuff the diapers, then back to the bedroom. while it is closed, the smell stays inside. it’s a great system for us.

  2. I would love to test some of your diapers! We are always looking for what works best for Peter (8 mos), trying primarily prefolds and pockets currently.

  3. OK, ladies! Thanks! Mary, what a good idea about the plastic tote that snaps for the diaper pail. That would be nice because it would be tote-able from room to room! So I have a young toddler and an older baby on my list now – excellent! I also have two friends with older toddlers that want to try some of the training pants I’m making, so I’m starting to get a good list going.

    I will message you ladies soon to get your addresses, and it probably won’t be til May or June that I end up working up the diapers and sending them out, but since it’s only a tester, at least that’s only one diaper for each size! Feels like the newborn stash has been in the works forever! I can’t wait to get them all in the wash and fluffed up, ready for J’s arrival!

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