Crafty Mama- February

So, my Crafty Mama projects for February got put on hold while I battled all that illness in our house for the last 3 weeks of the month. Needless to say between Abbey sick, me pretty much dead to the world, and Hubs catching 24 hour versions of everything, I didn’t touch my sewing desk from Valentine’s Day until the beginning of March.

I did complete one set of Abbey’s knit legwarmers. . .

And Joseph’s Mai Tei baby carrier. . .

But the rest of the diapers and Abbey’s skirts (already cut out and sitting in the projects cue) are now March Projects. I’m also making Abbey some training panties with PUL lining in March. I’ll discuss the reason why in a later post. . . but that’s in the works.
We’re getting closer and closer to Joseph’s due date, so the newborn baby projects are highest on the priority list. . . but I want to have Abbey’s big sister gifts ready for her as well. So, I am scheduling as many posts far in advance as I can, and staying away from Facebooking while I catch up with my projects, spend better time with my Abbey, and get back to being social with our friends now that we’re well.
It is so much fun, and so much more frugal to be able to sew and knit my own creations for my family. But it does demand time and attention, and when I get behind. . . it drives me crazy!

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