Christmastime is here again – Shutterfly is here to help!

Can you believe it is almost Christmas-time!? Some friends were talking on facebook about shopping for their little ones, and at first I was appalled . . . “we’ve only JUST gotten through Halloween! How can you be thinking about Christmas already!?” – one of my friends blogged about seeing Walmart decked out in Christmas decor and mused . . . “Whatever happened to Thanksgiving!?”

But if you think about it, we are fewer than 50 days out from December 25th. And when you are a mother, believe me, those days go quickly! So I guess the holiday décor isn’t really too early at all. Holiday time is upon us!

My favorite thing about the holidays is all the wonderful snail mail you get. Opening up personally addressed envelopes and posting up beautiful cards is something I look forward to every year. I also love the letters that come with, updating me on family members that I don’t get to see or speak to very often.

The year before last, I decided to make my own Christmas cards. That was a LOT of work. Last year, as a result of my tiring attempt from the previous year, I just didn’t send out any cards at all. But this year, I am definitely going to use Shutterfly for my Christmas cards. They have some gorgeous layouts, and their print work is always astounding. We had our wedding announcements made through Shutterfly a few years back, and I still love them to this day.


Shutterfly also offers lots of other great items like wall calendars, photo books, and even canvass wall art. Here are some of my favorite products – to serve as a giddy-up on your Holiday shopping and card-sending. Because remember, Christmastime is closer than we think!

Shutterfly’s Joy and Love 4×8 photo card is simple but so sweet. Plenty of room for multiple photos, and on the cheap to boot! You can find other Holiday Cards in many styles here:

Their Wall Calendars are even more awesome than ever: You can personalize dates, adding in birthdays and anniversaries, even with pictures on calendar dates if you choose. You can use multiple photos on each month’s page, and choose a different layout for each month. Too cool. Check them out here:
More pricey than a personalized calendar, but still not as expensive as other sites, Shutterfly’s canvas wall art would make a great gift for a friend or relative. What grandparent wouldn’t go ga-ga over your child’s artwork enlarged on a canvass :) Pretty cool. Check the choices out here:
So there you go! Plenty of jolly ideas for a start to your holiday shopping.
And bloggers, listen up! Shutterfly is offering 50 free Holiday Cards to bloggers who participate in their blog promotion. Check it out here: Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, follow the arrow @

Have a Happy Holidays everyone!

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