Well, here we are – a family. Finally home, Jed and I are learning the ins and outs of being mommy and daddy…not a day goes by that we don’t thank each other for our daughter. Never before have I felt what I feel now that Abbey is here, and I think Jed would make a similar statement should he be forced to journal about or talk about what he feels :) I don’t know how to explain it, and for now, I won’t try, but I promise that in future blog entries I will make an attempt, because it is the most amazing and surprising and wonderful feeling.


This blog entry, however,  is a celebration of homecoming. Next time I’ll write about our time at the NICU in Houston, explain her surgery, thank the doctors, talk about God and how Abbey brings me closer to understanding Him…but for now, I’ll say this. No matter how many nights I have to lose 90% of my normal sleep waking up every hour to shush, rock, and sing my baby back to sleep, and no matter how exhausted I end up being throughout the day (and how much I might complain), I could not be happier. Having our baby home is something Jed and I have looked forward to from the day we found out about the pregnancy…and now we’re finally home!


  1. She is just beautiful. The office just got your picture so she will be up on the wall now. I will be watching for updates and new photos.

    Lora(Dr.Gilliland’s Office)

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